Equipment and Facilites

OUSAKRC is a Dunedin based sports club for sprint and marathon distance kayakers and multisport paddlers. We are affiliated with the Otago University Students Association (OUSA) and Canoe Racing New Zealand (CRNZ).


A K1 is a kayak designed for sprint racing and is not intended for anything other than flat water. They are 5.2m long, narrow and very fast. They are unstable and require practice to paddle well. The beam of a flatwater boat is typically barely wider than the hips of its paddlers and require the paddler to bend their legs in the boat. Due to their length K1s have a foot controlled rudder to help with turning. The club owns many olympic style K1 racing boats. We also have two K2's and one K4 for team racing.


An SK1 has the length and stability of a surf ski but with a K1 cockpit. Paddling an SK1 will make the transition from surf skis to K1s much easier. They are excellent boats for training in rougher conditions. To learn more about the SK1s check out the information from Dunedin based Advanced Fibreglass.

Surf Skis

A surf ski is a long (up to 6.4m), narrow, kayak with an open (sit-on-top) cockpit, usually with a foot pedal controlled rudder. Surf skis were originally created for surf conditions and are a surf lifesaving approved craft. Our surf skis are mostly used by surf lifeguards who are training over winter, or for those that are new to kayaking as a ski is more stable than a K1.

Multisport Kayaks

Although the club does not own any multisport boats we have several members that store their multisport kayaks at the club and are happy for others to use them (with permission).


The club has plastic and carbon fibre wing blade paddles available to use if you do not have your own paddle.

Life jackets

We have various sized life jackets.

Boat storage

Club members are given the option of storing their kayak at the club OR using the club boats.

Club Rooms

Our club rooms are located behind Unipol which is a 15 minute walk from University Campus. The approximate address is 25 Magnet Street. There are hot showers that are able to be used after each session. Access to the club rooms is by a security key pad. Access to the boat lockers is by key.

Club rules

Any form of water activities comes with a certain amount of risk. If you do not have a surf lifeguard award we ask that you wear a lifejacket if leaving the marina.

If you are paddling on your own, ensure that you let someone know where you are going.

Know what the weather is forecast for, as you do not want to get caught out.

Have a light on your boat if paddling in the dark.

Check that all the lockers are secure before leaving and turn all lights off.

The club boats are primarily for use on the harbour. If you would like to take a boat away from the club on holiday with you or for a race, you need to ask permission from either Barry or Brendan who are the club coaches.

Visitors are most welcome to use the club gear and go for a paddle with you, but we do ask that your hospitality is restricted to three visits. This is in consideration of other club members who have paid to use the facilities and club gear.