We are an awesome kayaking club for flat water, marathon and sprint racing. Any paddlers from multisport, surf ski, ocean racing ski or K1/2/4 welcome.facebook

Why Join OKRC?

  • Access to our club rooms.
  • Use of club gear (boats, paddles, lifejackets) or storage for your kayak.
  • Coaching.
  • Use of the club trailer for transporting gear.
  • Grade 2 certification available.
  • Receive discounted entry to local races.
  • Go on trips to local and national kayaking races.
  • Explore the Otago Peninsula and rivers around the South Island.
  • Above all, the greatest benefit is access to a network of over 70 paddlers.

  • Benefits of Kayaking

  • Tones and strengthens Muscles.
  • Improves Joint Health.
  • Kayaking reduces stress and promotes relaxation.

  • Membership

    OUSA Kayak Club members range from beginners through to veterans with over 40 years paddling experience. We cater to all level from those simply looking for a fun way to keep in shape, through to those who are looking to race at a national level.

    Membership Fees:

    Full membership: $100 per year.
    Members of SCSLSC: $50 per year.
    Family membership: $150 per year.
    Private boat storage fee: $50 per year.
    Use of all non-allocated club equipment: $50 per year.
    Allocation of specified K1 and usage of club equipment: $100 per year.

    To join fill out the membership form and email to or bring it to one of the training sessions.

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    OKRC 2018 Membership Form

    OKRC Facebook Page

    Most of OKRC's communication is done through our Facebook page. This is where members share news and coaches inform athletes about training sessions.

    Otago Kayak Racing Club



    Brendan O'Neill

    Brendan was one of the founding members of the kayaking club and has done a massive amount of work securing funding. He has been kayaking since high school and competed for Britain in the K2 kayaking event. He is a GP and has a very good knowledge of sports medicine, metabolic training and exercise regimes (such as plyometrics).


    President: Graeme Newton
    Chairperson: Peter Schaap
    Student Representatives: Abby Hurley and Emma Jones
    Multisport Representatives: James Munro and Steve Mosely
    Treasurer: Brendan O'Neill
    Winter Race Series Co-ordinator: Andrew Last
    Website: Sharon Lequeux

    Affiliated Bodies

    Otago University Students Association (OUSA)

    Canoe Racing New Zealand (CRNZ)

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